Friday, November 11, 2016

Marine Corps Kick the Door In!

How are all of you doing? This week was kind of crazy and a little rough. Here's a quick update!

-For starters, we left for a dinner appointment and realized that we locked our keys AND our phone in the apartment. ...great. Luckily, we had Facebook and we were able to contact Sister and Brother Murphy. Brother Murphy is in the marines and we kept telling him to just kick the door down! Luckily, he managed to get in with a tire iron and a pair of scissors.

-We had 3 lessons with Jeffrey this week and he came to church!! During one of our lessons he expressed his desire to receive a priesthood blessing because he's going through some hard struggles right now. After church a member of the Ward was able to give him one. It was so powerful and Jeffrey's whole countenance seemed changed after. The priesthood is real!

-Sister Sakers went to the temple for the first time ever this week! She loved it and told us that she can't wait to go back and do family names! Hooray!

Until next week! Love you all. 💜

Sister B

Today's outfit
brought to you by
"Weekly Planning"

O Savior, Thou Who Wearest A Crown

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Pics!

Widener Halloween Party 2016

Happy Halloween!
Meet Frank!
We made signs because
no one could figure
out what we were. :P 
Halloween treats!
We are set!
Happy Hauntings!
Spook factor... visiting an old
cemetery on Halloween.
Enter if you dare!
Coolest cemetery ever!
Widener ward Halloween party. 
Shakes with the Sisters!
This house in Crum Lyn!
It has werewolves all over
the roof and climbing
in the windows!