Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Walking Dead

Hey everyone! This will be a short letter, there isn't too much to tell. We have been struggling without a car and are super sleep deprived.

Why sleep deprived, you ask? Well, our neighbor likes to blast music all night, every night. Not for himself of course, but for his birds... that's right, his birds! He plays music for them at night so that they don't get lonely. Yeah. So, we are running on almost no sleep. Hiking around Philadelphia hasn't really helped that cause either. 

We had to find our way around in the city from the hub of 69th street. Ran into our district leader, he asked if we knew where we were going (we were running on nothing by then) he asked if he could help us and asked for the address... uh, yeah... both Sister Abbott and I had looks on our faces of "What's my name, and how did I get here?" Vacant stares. We have felt a little like tumbleweed napkins on the streets of Philly.

The good news is, WE GOT OUR CAR BACK TODAY! We are so happy! As much as we love having stories to tell from public transportation, it's been so hard to see people these past few weeks and we are excited that it will be going back to normal now! No more looking dead tired and completely lost.

We went on exchanges this week and it was a blast! I went to the Philadelphia 4th area with Sister Kartchner! We had lesson after lesson all day and it was awesome!

We had three of our investigators at church yesterday! William was there finally! He has a baptism date coming up and it's great to see him progressing again! And Michael came with both his parents! It was a good Sunday!

The Lord has really helped us get through the past two weeks. They've been rough but we have learned so much!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! God bless!

Love, Sister B

I've been studying the last chapters
of Alma this week.
Mormon was a big fan of  Captain Moroni.
Kind of a fan girl.
He even named is son after him!

It was sunny and warm this week! We loved it!

Good ol' row homes!

Picture I drew for Dulce and David.
They helped us out a lot this week so
we repaid them with muffins!

The day we walked through the rain.
We have never been so tired in our lives.
Yesterday we became aware
that this is the look we have been giving people
as we process what they are saying.

We made some for Sister Cullen too
because she came and saved us from the
badlands of the city when our
appointment cancelled.


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