Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bed Bugs and Baptisms

What a week! It's been kind of crazy but so good!

I was transferred to Widener East! I am in a trio with Sister Fuelling and Sister Kraft, they are a blast! Sister Fuelling is fresh in the field and Sister Kraft is going home this transfer! They make me laugh so much! I am blessed! My first day here in Widener was spent debugging our apartment. Luckily all my clothes and bedding were in suitcases, otherwise we would have dragged a lot more trash bags to the laundromat. Even more blessed!

We have an investigator named Lois and her daughter Francess. Oh my gosh! I love them! Lois is so classy and we got her daughter to girls camp! She had so much fun! They both love learning about the gospel and have a baptismal date for July 17th!

Speaking of baptisms, we had one this Sunday! Our investigator Bernadette and her son Liam got baptized! Bernadette has been investigating the church for about 2 years so it's been a long time coming! It was so fun to see how happy the gospel makes people!

It's a quick letter this week because I don't have much time! I love you all! God bless. :)

Sister B

Debugging everything!

Sister Fuelling and Sister Kraft

Goodbye to Sister Maiden :(

Yes, we unpacked all of it.

PA is so green!

Fancy baptismal gowns

Liam let me borrow is tie!

Bernadette and Liam! :) Got baptized! 

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