Friday, June 24, 2016

Fireflies and Transfers

Hi people! Happy Fathers Day! (No offense but I have the best dad out there. Shout out to him!) It is summer here in Philly and the fireflies have lit up at night. They are so magic! This week was kind of magical as well!

To start, we had Zone Conference last week! It was special because it was President and Sister Anderson's last one. We learned a lot about the new temple. It is the strongest building in Philadelphia. When they began digging for the foundation they discovered a giant granite slab. Granite isn't found anywhere else in the city except right under the temple. Heavenly Father prepared for this temple to be right where it is. So, at Zone Conference I got a "temple rock". A piece of the granite that they chipped away to make room for the temple. It reminds me of *Helaman 5:12* and to build my foundation on the Savior. I was sad to say goodbye to President Anderson, he has been amazing and has made this mission a wonderful place to serve! President Randall gets here next week and I am excited to meet him!

The Farole family is doing AMAZING! Anthony told us this week that he loves the feeling of praying and reading the scriptures. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon in 6 months as he prepares to be baptized. He accepted the challenge! I love seeing all of them get happier and happier as the gospel of Jesus Christ works its magic in their lives.

We had an incredible miracle at the assisted living where we work! As we were helping people get down to the music night we were stopped by the custodian. He recognized us as missionaries! He had moved here from Haiti and had met with missionaries there! We were so excited and asked him if he wanted to meet with us again. He said not at the moment but he did say that he had left his Book of Mormon in Haiti. Well, we ran out to our car real fast and brought him one. I know that soon he'll be ready to meet with missionaries again. :)

We had the P1 Central sisters sleep over again while their apartment got fumigated. (Bed bugs. Yikes!) They were a blast! I love those sisters!

We had some crazy miracles throughout the week as we hunted down inactive members that nobody knew about! One named Sister Guy, who we have been trying to meet for the two transfers that I've been here, we finally had a lesson with! We told her about the temple open house and that she could volunteer and she got SO excited! This temple is already working miracles! We also met Sister Ludwig. We had been walking around in the heat for a long time and I was so thirsty! When she answered her door and we talked to her on the porch I had the thought to ask her for a drink of water. So, I did. She invited us in and gave us a tall glass of ice water and then showed us all the pictures of her family. She opened up to us about how her husband had recently passed away. We testified of eternal families and that she could be sealed to her husband. She started crying as she felt the spirit testify of that truth and invited us back! It was one of those experiences that I'll never forget.

Transfer calls came as a surprise on Friday. I am getting transferred!! I was NOT expecting that. I'm not sure where I'll go but I know it will be where the Lord needs me. New area, new companion, new mission president. Kind of a crazy fresh start! Who would have thought! I will miss the people here so much! Especially the Farole's! BUT Sister Maiden will be training a golden!! That's exactly what this area needs! Some golden fire! It will be great! :)

I love you all! Have a great week! God bless! :)

Sister B

My mission Mom and sister! :)

I am going to miss her so stinking much!

David and Dulce!


The Goodman's! Seriously the best.

Me and Korple! She is so dear to my heart! 

Happy Father's Day

The Farole's! They are GREAT!

Central Sisters! Sister Boehm,
Sister Neuffer, Sister Sagastume.

Uh-oh! White handbook says no facial hair. 

I have so many car selfies...
I guess I'll share one more. :) 

*Helaman 5:12*


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