Thursday, August 11, 2016

I Mean, Wow

Basically, Satan's a punk and he does not want me to get blessings. The beginning of this week was really really hard, but the end was incredible.

On Friday Sister Fuelling and I got to help with the VIP tours at the temple. We were standing by the doors of the reception area waiting for the tours to start, when Elder Quentin L Cook walks up. We said hello and shook his hand before he headed out to take a group of Rabbi's and Archbishops through the temple. We stood there and realized that we just shook an apostles hand!

The next day we were super blessed and we were asked to assist one of the VIP groups by pushing someone in a wheelchair through the temple. It turned out to be this sweet little Catholic nun named Sister Ama. The coolest part was when we went with this group into the celestial room. Before going in the tour guide told us that we wouldn't talk, but we would take a few minutes to reflect on our relationship with God. All of us sat in that bright, beautiful room and the sweetest spirit was there. I watched this group of nuns, Jewish leaders, and others go in and close their eyes in prayer. Every one of us is a child of Heavenly Father and I know that they all felt His love for them in that room.

Sunday was awesome. It was fast and testimony meeting and guess who got up? Lois! She bore her testimony of Joseph Smith and I was in tears. She is so special and I love her so much! It's been incredible seeing her testimony grow of this gospel. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. After church we had the amazing opportunity to go to a special meet and greet meeting with Elder Cook. We got to shake his hand and talk to him for a moment. Then he spoke to us and boy, was it powerful. He gave us some pretty special blessings.

Today, we dropped out off Sister Kraft. She is heading out into the world. So, it's just Sister Fuelling and I now. The real open house starts this week so we are going to be busy busy.

I hope you are all doing well. Jesus Christ lives and loves us too!

Love, Sister B

These are our "we just killed our companion
 and are trying not to think about it" faces
 (her mission is done, she's going home).

Sister Kraft, Sister Fuelling, and I
in the temple's reception center. 

When your face is as dirty as your companions feet....

We stopped by all the food trucks we saw
on our way home from the temple!
 We have Greek, Chinese, Carribean, and African food.
 Plus a Philly Cheesesteak, because how could you not? 

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