Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Curse of the Designated Driver

Hi everyone! Long time, no email!

Surprise! Our P-Days are now Thursday's for the time being. The past week and a half we have spent every day, excluding Sunday, at the temple. It's been a blur, but I cannot complain! It's the best. Here are some highlights:

Last Wednesday night, Sister Fuelling and I were in the reception area. Who walked in? William! One of my investigators from P1. Last time we met with him he was not in a good place and wasn't able to progress, but he is dosing amazing now! He is reading the scriptures, living the word of wisdom, and is going to start meeting with missionaries again! He was telling me about all the ways he had changed and how he has seen the Lord bless him when he felt like he did not deserve it. The Atonement is so real and so powerful! I said so many prayers for him and I loved being able to see that Heavenly Father has helped him so much.

Last Friday, we had a few lessons set up for the evening. When we left the temple, my dumb GPS took me onto the Philadelphia freeway during rush hour. A big no-no if you want to get anywhere in a decent amount of time. We were on the road for 3 hours just trying to pick up a member for our lessons which both fell through. It was rough. Pennsylvania traffic is not my favorite thing. I don't think I'll ever get the hang of it.

Oh, yeah! Last Thursday, Sister Fuelling was doing some cleaning and found a forest of mold in our Air Conditioning Unit. Ew! It was disgusting. Our apartment now smells like vinegar because we are told that's what will keep it from coming back.

In Widener: all of our recent converts are doing well! Bernadette got her patriarchal blessing and both her and Liam got to go to the open house! Lois and Francess are doing so great! We had such a sweet lesson with them this week. I love hearing their testimonies of this gospel. It makes every hard day worth it. And Chris! He's doing so awesome! He told us this week that he never used to pray and now he is praying all the time and his faith is increasing every day because of it. :)

Basically, being a missionary is pretty cool. And being a missionary in the PPM during the temple open house is phenomenal!

Have a great week everybody! Love you all!

Sister B

Temple Video!
Nighttime tracting. Beware of bats!
Our commute to the temple. 
It makes less sense when
you're driving on it. 
Suit up!
The mold in our AC.

Every. Time.

This is what happens when you 
don't have P-day for 10 days.

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