Thursday, September 15, 2016

End of an Era

Wow. I blinked and the Philadelphia Temple Open House is over! I feel so blessed to have served here at the temple in the city where our nation was founded. I have had the opportunity to bear testimony to over a thousand people and answer many many questions.

I can quote the entire 10 minute video about what temples are (including the background music). I can tell you what kind of crystals the chandeliers are made of as well as how much they weigh. I can tell you how long it took to build the temple and how much it cost. I can tell you why there's 12 oxen and where the church stands on gay rights. I can tell you why we wear white and where "the bathrooms are in this place". But the thing that I can tell you with absolute assurance is that no matter what happens in our lives, if we are living righteously and growing closer to our Savior, EVERYTHING will work out and we WILL be happy. I've had a few chances to testify of that and every time I have, the spirit has burned in my chest. I know that it's true.

Anyway, it's back to proselyting. We had a zone training focused on the commitment pattern to remind us how to be missionaries, because we forgot and were all freaking out.

We got to see Chris this last week. He was struggling a bit and we had to reschedule his baptism. He is now working toward October 9th and feels really good about it. I seriously just love watching his faith grow! It's my favorite thing!

In other news, there is a week until transfers, but Sister Fuelling is getting transferred early along with quite a few other sisters. I am gonna miss the day lights out of her, but I know that he Lord needs her somewhere else. She'll always be my Philly temple companion.

I love you all and I hope you are doing well.

Sister B

Messin' around...
We are so tired... 
Sherreese! This trooper goes
 teaching with us all the days! 
That Widener Ward tho!
Sister Sakers! She is going
to the temple dedication!
Met these two cuties while
working on the rooftop.
They want to be missionaries!
Workin' those video rooms!
 "This 10 minute video explains
what temples are
and why they are special!"
In between tours
we would take naps in the sun.
Morning Shift Sisters!
My Crew!
The Hancock's have the cutest kids! 
Dying in the heat!
I connect with this cat
on a very personal level.
Touring Philly with my peeps. <3
Going through a donation bag! 
One members trash is 
another sister missionaries wardrobe. 

Don't forget

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