Monday, January 11, 2016

Born In Bethlehem - Week 4


I made it! Tuesday morning at 3 we left the MTC for the airport! I got to call and talk to my mom for an hour before we boarded. That was such a blessing! I got extremely sick on the plane to Detroit and equally sick on the plane to Philadelphia. But that's okay. Sister Abbott took good care of me. Though, it would have been better if I hadn't run into the men's bathroom at the Detroit airport. Oh well.

We met President and Sister Anderson at the airport. What amazing people! They took us to their house and fed us. Finally! Real food! And then we got to sleep in real beds! Greatest ever! The next day we got our assignments. I'm in Bethlehem Pennsylvania with Sister Gomm! So, my mission life starts in Bethlehem. You could say I was born there. ;)

Sister Gomm is incredible and I love her to pieces! It's only been a week and we've had some of the craziest experiences! My first day tracting we met a guy who told us he only talked to Catholics and then tried to steal her nose?? Haha so strange!

We don't have very many investigators so we go tracting a lot! The craziest people live here! The other night we knocked on a door and this guy with the longest goatee I've ever seen answers. All we get out is "Hi! We're missionaries-" and then he comes out of his house and starts praying on the front porch. He prays about how our beliefs contradict one another and that we'll be brought to the light. Sister Gomm and I just stared at each other. He then told us about how he burned all his magic books after he found Jesus. We said amen and then left quickly.

Such a funny place! It smells like rotting leaves and cigarette smoke and is always freezing cold.

We teach a less active man named Brother H who is working on getting the priesthood. He's progressing so well and we are so excited for him! He loves having us over for dinner and feeding is until we feel like we'll burst. What a funny guy.

We're also teaching a man named B! I invited him to be baptized in our last lesson and he really wants to! But he hasn't shown up to church yet. We hope we can get him to come this next week. He is so prepared!

Miracle time! When B didn't show up on Sunday we went to his house to check on him but he wasn't there. So we decided to knock on a few doors. We met an awesome lady named S with three daughters. She invited us in to share a message with her. We showed her a video about Christ and she said that her heart was pounding and that she could feel Christ's love for her! We asked if we could come back to share more and she said yes! We get to teach her on Wednesday! I'm so excited!

The members here are incredible and are so welcoming and generous! I love this place and I feel so blessed that I get to serve the people here! I love all of you! Keep smiling!

Sister Gomm taking me tracting for the first time! Let's do this! 

Freezing our butts off during weekly planning! Our apartment smells like rice bags.

All bundled up for tracting! It's freezing!

Eating whatever we can find! Chicken noodle soup and cheesecake!

A sign in an area I was tracting. I cracked up.

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